Ortho K: Overnight Corrective Lenses

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Go to sleep and wake up with clear vision. Introducing Ortho-K, a revolutionary new way to reverse short-sightedness. These overnight corrective lenses involve no surgery and no glasses. Book a free consultation at Brazionis Eyecare to start seeing clearly and freely today.

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The Revolutionary Way To See Better

Introducing Ortho-K – a new technology in corrective lenses that works miracles while you sleep. 

Brazionis Eyecare is one of the few Melbourne-based optometrists that offer this revolutionary, non-surgical overnight vision correction that gently reshapes the eye with a custom-made contact lens while you sleep. We utilise the latest digital technology to map out the curvature of the eye (known as corneal topography), which then allows the creation of custom-made lens that are worn overnight to gently mould the surface of the eye. Ortho-K is an ideal treatment for those with appropriate prescriptions who wish to see clearly without the inconvenience of wearing glasses;and day time contact lenses, or are apprehensive about the risks associated with laser eye surgery.

This safe and reversible alternative to laser eye surgery is suitable for all ages, including kids. Let our experienced optometrists guide you to better vision today. 

Benefits of Ortho-K:

Freedom from glasses and contacts

Ortho K eliminates the need to wear contacts and glasses during the day. Ideal for people who play contact sports or work in an active environment.

Safe and Reversible

The whole process is a safe and completely reversible procedure that is suitable for both children and adults.

Stops your eyes from getting worse

Ortho-K can decrease or stop the rate of myopia from developing. Noticeable results are often seen after the just one night.

Surgery Free

This new technology is great for people who don’t want to take the risks associated with Laser Eye Surgery, or those who are unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery. It’s non-invasive and worry free.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Ortho K Melbourne is simple. Feel free to ask us more detail about any of the steps by calling or emailing us.

1. Comprehensive Eye Test

The first thing we do is conduct a Comprehensive Eye Test to assess your eyesight and the health/condition of your eyes.  During your consultation, you can tell us about what you’re looking for and ask us any questions.

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2. Measurement

Using our sophisticated corneal topographer machine, we can measure the shape of your cornea to ensure pin point precision allowing us to design your custom Ortho K lenses.

3. Design and Production

We send your measurements off to a bespoke laboratory in New Zealand, ensuring the highest quality lenses are crafted. 

It takes about two weeks from your consultation  to design and produce your custom lenses. Once they’re ready, we will be in touch.

4. Pick up and Guidance

The lenses will be ready for collection in-store. As we want to make sure you achieve great results with Orthokeratology, we will carefully guide you through the do’s and don’ts for taking good care of your new lenses.  

5. Go to sleep

As instructed, insert your Ortho K lenses into your eyes before bed. The magic will happen as you sleep through the night.

6. Clear Vision!

Once you wake up, carefully remove your lenses and be amazed at the vision correction that can occur after just one night of use. Enjoy everyday free from glasses and contacts.

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Is Ortho-K suitable for you?

This vision correction treatment is suitable for a large percentage of the population, including:


Children from ages six and above are suitable for Ortho-k to slow down the progression of myopia.


Most adults are suitable for Ortho-K, however those under the age of 40 are ideal candidates.


People with mild to moderate short or long-sightedness can benefit from Ortho-k.

Prevent your child's eyesight from worsening today.

Have you considered Orthokeratology for your child?

Ortho K is a great treatment for children with short-sightedness (Myopia) because it can slow down the rate of Myopia in children. As children get older, their vision can worsen, which may lead to increased risk of complicated eye conditions. Ortho K can help to minimise the progression of Myopia with the added benefit of your child not having to wear glasses or contact lens during the day time. Clearer vision can be achieved after just one night of wear.

At Brazionis Eyecare, we have a high success rate with Ortho K , particularly with children. Our professional team can provide guidance to you and your child to ensure that it is an easy, safe and convenient treatment. We teach you and your child how to use the contact lenses and provide ongoing support. We offer competitive rates to ensure you get the best value along with the best quality and service, so book now to find out more.