Get 20/20 Vision Overnight!

No Contacts, Glasses or Laser Eye Surgery!

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Get Clear Vision With No Laser Eye Surgery

Ortho K provides you with perfect 20/20 vision again, restoring your eyesight as you sleep. Through the use of hard contact lenses, Ortho K gently reshapes your eye as you sleep, letting you wake up and face the day with confidence! 

It’s the perfect alternative to laser eye surgery, with no pain and no recovery time!

What’s the Best Vision Correction for You?

Being able to see clearly is important, but wearing glasses or contacts during the day can be hard for many people. For those working an active job, playing contact sports or swimming, contact lenses can cause major problems if things go wrong. And for people with sensitive eyes, contacts can be more trouble than they’re worth, causing sore, itchy and dry eyes.

woman in the street with ortho-k
Why Choose Ortho K?
  • Results are noticeable after just one night of wearing them!
  • The perfect alternative to Laser Eye Surgery
  • Slow down or stop myopia (short-sightedness) developing in kids.
  • There is no surgery involved at all, just a short consultation and eye examination.
  • Ortho K is incredibly easy to use. It’s as simple as brushing your teeth!
  • The lenses are hard lenses, made with a safe, highly breathable material.
  • Ortho K can enhance your self-confidence!
  • The whole process is completely reversible if you decide it isn’t for you.
Is Ortho K Really The Best For Me?

There are very few ways to get clear vision without any inconvenience. If you’ve tried contacts and found they’re not for you, you could get laser eye surgery! Unfortunately, it’s an expensive process with a 2-3 month recovery time, and is only available for adults. If you’re looking for vision correction that can give you clear vision during the day without glasses, contacts or surgery, Ortho K is the solution for you!

Ortho K is available for everyone ages 6 and up. However, the technology works best on people who have vision of at least -6 or better. Discover whether you can benefit from this amazing technology with a free eye exam at Brazionis Eyecare!

Book Your Ortho-K Appointment Now!

  • Free 30 minute comprehensive eye exam (valued at $95)
  • Analysis of existing and potential eye problems
  • Free Ortho K consultation and assessment
Find out if Ortho K is Right for you – Free Comprehensive Eye Exam (Valued at $95!)

While most optometrists will charge you upwards of $90 for an Ortho K consultation, Brazionis Eyecare do it completely free. We also have payment plans and Afterpay available to make it as easy as possible to get clear vision.

You can book your free comprehensive Ortho K eye test today using the forms on this page, or call the number below to set up an appointment directly.

Don’t wait too long though! The team at Brazionis are incredibly busy and bookings are limited. Book in for free consultation and eye exam today and start seeing clearly in just two weeks!

A Bit about Brazionis Eyecare…

Brazionis Eyecare in Williamstown have a talented team led by the optometrist Jack Yao, and have a keen interest in ortho-k. They even have children’s optometrists specifically trained to make eye examinations stress free and easy for kids. When it comes to getting Ortho K all it takes is an initial consultation and examination to get things moving.

During that time you’ll go through a comprehensive eye exam and learn everything about Ortho K, and about your eyesight. Things like what your prescription is, if you have any existing eye issues or even potential ones, and what Ortho K will cost for you. But most importantly, they’ll map out the curvature of your eye using a corneal topography machine, and you’ll learn if Ortho K.

And the best part is all of this only takes an hour, and is completely free!