Bulk Billing Optometrists

With our comprehensive eye tests covered by Medicare, there’s never been a better time to get your eyes tested. Our 30-minute eye tests cover every aspect of your visual health, identifying any need for glasses as well as any potential issues that might come up in the future. We believe that everyone deserves great eye care. That’s why we bulk bill, allowing us to provide expert eye care at a drastically reduced cost to you. Simply present your Medicare card when you’re paying and the Australian government will cover the cost. Choosing bulk billing optometrists near you can trust make eye care easy, and set you up for a lifetime of healthy eyes. Call Brazionis today and book in for a bulk billed eye test.

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Personalised Eye Care

Did you know your eyes change over time? It’s why getting your eyes tested regularly is so important. An annual eye test can help diagnose developing issues early and keep you seeing clear all year round. Our specialists can also track changes in your eyesight and provide ongoing support as your situation changes. Using the latest technology in digital retinal photography and scanning we can provide an in-depth look into the health of your eyes. If you notice your vision changing, come in and see us for an eye check.

Are You Eligible for Bulk Billing Eye Tests?

If you’re in any of the following categories, you may be eligible to apply for a Medicare card and take advantage of comprehensive eye care from leading bulk billing optometrists:

Australian or New Zealand citizen

Australian or New Zealand citizen

Permanent visa holder

Permanent visa holder

personalised eye care williamstown

Visiting Australia from a reciprocal health care agreement country

brazionis eye care

You have adopted a child

Medicare and Private Health Insurance

Bulk billing allows us to reduce the cost of your eye test to zero, if you’re on Medicare. If you’re under the age of 65, you’re eligible for one bulk-billable eye test every three years. If you’re over 65, you are eligible for a bulk-billable eye test every year. As your eyes get older, it’s important to check them frequently to keep up with any changes and treat them early. If you’re on private health insurance, check with your provider for information on your eligibility, or call one of our optometrists. If you have Medicare, we can bulk bill your eye test.

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If you’re just getting a check-up, a 10-minute test might be all you need to make sure things are running smoothly. However, if you haven’t had your eyes checked in a while a full 30-minute eye test may be necessary to get a complete picture of your eye health. We can detect and treat issues like glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal detachment early, often preventing further damage to your eyes. Bulk billing eye tests allows us to provide personalised customer service in Altona for adults and kids. Talk to our experts today on (03) 9397 5895 to find out if you’re eligible for bulk billing.

Is There a Bulk Billing Optometrist Near Me?​

Check the map below to find out! Brazionis is located in Williamstown, just a short drive from Melbourne.