Blue Light Glasses

We can help you manage and reduce the harmful effects of blue light.

What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue Light Glasses are frames with special coated lenses that are designed to block out harmful blue light emitted from digital devices. 

In this day and age, we are exposed to many forms of blue light from the use of mobile phones, tablets, television screens, laptops etc. Our bodies associate blue light with daytime, so being exposed to at night can disrupt your sleeping patterns, making it difficult to fall asleep. Wearing blue light glasses in the evening can help you get better quality sleep.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. Blue light has a very short wavelength, and produces a higher amount of energy. Studies suggest that over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes. 

Sources of blue light include the sun, digital screens (TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets), electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting.

What damage can it cause?

Exposure to blue light can cause eyestrain, headaches, physical and mental fatigue caused by many hours sitting in front of a computer screen or other electronic device.

Our eyes’ natural filters do not provide sufficient protection against blue light rays from the sun, let alone the blue light emanating from electronic devices or fluorescent-light tubes. Prolonged exposure to blue light may cause retinal damage and contribute to age-related macular degeneration, which can lead to loss of vision. 

Chronic exposure to blue light at night can lower the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, and disrupt your circadian rhythm.

How can blue light lenses help me?

Wearing blue light glasses can help shield your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. At Brazionis Eyecare, we carry the most advanced coated lenses designed with the filter to cut out harmful blue light, whilst still allowing the good portion of blue light to pass through. 

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