Behavioural Optometrist Melbourne

If you or your child struggles with day to day tasks, such as reading, writing, measuring distance, or tracking movement, a behavioural optometrist Melbourne may be able to correct these issues and help you live life to the fullest. At Brazionis Eyecare, our optometrists are dedicated to making sure you or your child can live unhindered by bad vision. If you have vision problems, we can provide personalised eye care solutions that can remedy problems caused by bad vision. Book a comprehensive eye test with us today and discover what we can do to help you.

Why Behavioural Optometry Might Be Right For You

Behavioural Optometrists have three main goals:
  • To prevent vision problems from developing or getting worse
  • To provide treatment for current vision problems
  • To ensure that vision problems won’t affect day to day activities or ability development
With these in mind, our optometrists can help you get the eye care you need. Through a comprehensive eye test, we can see every part of your eye health, from previous and existing issues to potential future issues. We use this information to provide you with a tailored eye care solution, whether that’s glasses or simple vision correction, vision therapy or ongoing treatment. Vision problems can affect people of all ages and have a huge impact on the way you live your life. Talk to our optometrists for more information or book in an appointment today.

Optometry for Children

As the point cook optometrist for many families, our optometrists have extensive experience working with children. Getting an accurate eye test is incredibly important for kids, as their eyes will quickly grow and change as they get older. Many children with undiagnosed vision problems may struggle at school or in day to day activities. Which is why we use a range of specialised eye tests developed with kids in mind. These eye tests are simple, stress-free tests that give us an accurate reading and let us provide your child with the best possible eye care. For more information on this service, click here.

Behavioural Optometry for Children

As your child grows their vision will continue to develop and change. During this time proper eye care is the most important, as developing vision issues can be remedied early and potentially even reversed. A behavioural optometrist Melbourne can provide your child with the eye care they need. Our optometrists have extensive experience working with children. From comprehensive eye tests designed specifically for kids to a range of specialised vision correction solutions, we can get the most accurate results and help your child live life the way they are meant to. If your child has trouble reading, complains about dry or tired eyes regularly, or has difficulty seeing far away objects, book an appointment with our friendly optometrists today.

About Brazionis Eyecare

Brazionis Eyecare are your local optometrist. Based in Williamtown, we offer personalised eye care for families all across greater western Melbourne. We’re dedicated to making getting the eye care you need easy and stress-free, with a range of services designed specifically to achieve great results. If you or your child needs vision correction, book a comprehensive eye test with our team today. We’re looking forward to discussing eye care with you!

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