Anti-Fog Lenses

Experience premium comfort with Anti-Fog lenses, so that you can go about your daily activties, hassle-free.

Trusted & Independent Optometrist serving the wider Melbourne community for 40+ years.

Fog-Free Vision

The latest in lens technology to get rid of unwanted fog and mist.

Convenience and Safety

Prioritise your everyday convenience and safety by ensuring your lenses are always clear, no matter what.

Protect yourself

Wearing masks is becoming more common, so make sure you can see clearly whilst protecting yourself.


Nothing is more annoying, and potentially dangerous, than suddenly having our glasses fog up mid-activity. Those that wear glasses in everyday situations whilst cooking, playing sports, wearing masks or working as a front-line healthcare worker, will know the nuisance of foggy lenses. Our innovative Anti-Fog lenses can help you avoid this problem. A hydrophilic surface layer is added to your lenses, repelling water and mist  from the surface of the lens. This treatment can be applied to all lenses, tinted or not, and for all visual corrections.

Whether you want a complete set of glasses and lenses, or you want to keep your existing glasses, we are here to help!

To help you get maximum value, we will refund shipping fees* if you send in your existing frames for a new set of Anti-Fog lenses. Anti-Fog Lenses start from just $160, depending on your prescription and coating options. Simply fill in the contact form to get started.


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In these times you don’t want to live in a fog. Optifog lenses keep your vision clear, so you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Fog-free vision for changing times. 


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