About Us

Brazionis Eyecare is an independent and family focused Optometry practice that has been operating for over 40 years in the south west suburb of Williamstown. We are committed to providing you with quality eye care using the latest equipment and excellent service to all our patients.

We care about your eye health and provide comprehensive eye exams for all ages to assess your eyes for diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We also have a big range of designer frames and contact lenses available.

Book an appointment with one of our professional optometrists to see why we are rated 5/5 stars on Google.

We offer both bulk billing and private billing options. This can be discussed in your consultation with our friendly team of optometrists.

about brazionis eyecare

Why you'll love our service

We have a proven track record for providing quality eye care for over 40 years.

Our customers love our service and friendliness (just read the reviews!)

We strive for service that is above and beyond your expectations.

We build strong partnerships with our suppliers and local community to ensure you get great value.

We are an independent and local business with a focus on customer service.

You're in safe hands - our Optometrists and Staff are knowledgeable, professional and caring.

We focus on prevention as well as treatment, because your eye health is our top priority.

We provide ongoing support and care for the whole family.

An Independent Optometrist you can trust.

Why should I see an optometrist instead of shopping online?

Shopping online can be enticing, with low prices and the convenience of shopping in your ugg boots. But an in-store eye examination offers an unparalled experience in terms of providing quality and accuracy for your unique prescription and eye condition. That is why seeing an optometrist in-person is where you will notice the real difference.

There are many aspects of an eye test that requires precision care and professional knowledge by a trained optometrist. For instance, pupillary distance (PD) should only be measured by a professional. PD measures the distance between the centers of your pupils. This measurement is used to determine where you look through the lens of your glasses and should be as accurate as possible. The average adult’s PD is between 54-74 mm, kids’ are between 43-58 mm.

Moreover, prescriptions bought online are often incorrect and not fit for purpose. In fact, a study conducted by the American Optometric Association found that nearly half (44.8 percent) of prescription glasses purchased online had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues.

At Brazionis Eyecare, we provide a truly personalised patient experience. We take the time to carefully measure your prescription to minimise errors and ensure precision and accuracy. An online retailer can offer the convenience of trying on frames at home, but if a patient needs special lenses, or wants a specific frame shape, they may not be able to find these specific requirements. This is because the majority of online retailers take an “average” for optical center and segments height measurements, based on the frame size. However, applying an average across the board can negatively impact the quality of vision. An online retailer’s lack of options and room for error is simply not worth the initial benefits. This is where we can step in to provide you with a custom, tailored solution based on your unique needs and preferences. 

Our team

Our practice is a collective of passionate people striving to provide quality eye care for all.


Dr Jack Yao


Qualifications: B.Optom; Ocular Medicines Prescriber

Jack is the owner of Brazionis Eyeare and is known for his passion, professionalism and commitment to quality eye care. Jack graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012 and took over the practice in 2014. As part of his study, Jack attended Waterloo College of Optometry in Canada and is a fellow of the Optometry Board of Australia and member of Optometry Australia. 


Dr Michael Yen


Qualifications: B.Optom; M.Optom; Ocular Medicines Prescriber

Michael Yen has been working with us since 2016 and has over 15 years of clinical optometry experience. He has a keen interest in children’s eyecare and ocular diseases. Michael iis also a supervisor at the Australian College of Optometry teaching optometry students.

Personalised Care and Comprehensive Eye Tests

Nicole Smedley


Nicole is a passionate and enthusiastic member of the Brazionis Eyecare team with over 36 years of optical experience. She provides expert guidance in choosing the right pair of frames to suit individual preferences and needs. Aside from her dispensing duties, Nicole is responsible for co-ordinating the reception and administrative operations of the practice.