Correct your vision while you sleep – Safe, reversible alternative to laser surgery.

We are one of the few Melbourne based optometrists to offer this revolutionary non-surgical overnight vision correction that gently reshapes the eye with a custom-made contact lens whilst you’re asleep.

Ortho K is suitable for a large percentage of the population

  • Children – as young as six years old (potential to control progression)
  • Short and long sighted people (-6.00 to +3.00)
  • People with astigmatism (-2.00)
  • Adults – reading glasses wearers
  • Contact sports and water sports
  • People afraid to lose their contact lenses or glasses during important tasks
  • Dry eye and hay fever sufferers
  • People working in dusty/dirty environments
  • People not ideal for laser surgery
  • People with changing/progressing prescriptions